Monday, September 27, 2010

Messiah Complex: The Last Anarchist

My vision of the future is one without leaders. Not without order, but without leaders.

After a period of verwirrung - war - there will come a time of ordnung or true order. Voluntary order.

The price would be steep. Many people would die. Raped. Beaten up.

Where the majority would really rule, and that important decisions are not just the privilege of the few, but belongs to more people.

Development would be slowed. The economy would stagnate. More people will die.

Damn. Anarchy works as an ideal, but doing the maths, when the number of deaths come into the equation - who will be responsible for all this? Well, we will. And that scares too many people. Muahahaha.

Oh well. Maybe we just need a nuclear war. Start over with the roaches.