Saturday, September 25, 2010

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful - Cover Girl!

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful! Muahahaha!

Just had dinner. I have many things I still need to do, and I will divide them for various deadlines.

I also need to force some rest into all this, cause there's nothing better to sabotage work plans than being really tired and not being able to cope.

So I'm planning to just chill for a few hours before I start the nightly grind.

Today, I have already completed two tasks. Yeah, amidst the incessant blogging and Facebook, I manage to do work.

See, writing online is like taking a dump. Whenever I write anything, it comes with it a lot of excess ideas, thoughts, emotions that has to go somewhere. Since I don't have a live-in whore-maid (read: wife), or even believe in the concept, I just writing online shit for free is the best way.

One day, I'll find a way for everyone to write online and make money out of it.

Watch out for more pop psychology, after this.