Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Lightbringer

And they wrap themselves around lies, hoping that the lies would make them smarter, better, but all lies ever do is make people bitter.

As I am the smartest man in the world, a lot of people try to lie to me because they think that if they manage to do that, then they would be smarter than me.

I enter their world for a while and, finding it infinitely boring and banal, shallow and stupid, left. Forever.

I got a lot of other shit to do, man. I busied myself with stuff that could be part of the solution to everything.

A notorious planner, I always, always have a plan. They hardly ever come true, but turn out better than I could ever hope for, most of the time.

I believe in some form of karma. What you put out into the world comes back to you. I have always made sure that my intentions and my actions are motivated by good. There are times for evil, and I use that sparingly.

It's not about being good or evil, but being conscious and aware. The awareness is a goal that, when achieved, will be the solution to everything.

Sometimes, I do feel like Lucifer, or Prometheus the Bringer of Fire. Punished for my good intentions and sense of justice, right and wrong.

But my pathos and self-pity pretty soon makes way for Lucifer's will, and Prometheus' faith in humanity.

I am the Morningstar. The Lightbringer. And before my evensong, you shall know my name as THA LORDY-LORD! WHen I lay my vengeance upon thee!