Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bullshit: Devil's Hand

My tarot card is the Wheel of Fortune. It means, karma in a grand way. If I do good things, good things come. If I do bad things, bad things will come.

It fits into my world view, so okay.

I know two other wielders of Wheel of Fortune. I work with them on numerous things.

I notice that we're all balancing on the scales of extremes. We are sometimes infinitely evil and at other instances, really, really good. Capable of destruction and creation - basically two sides of the same coin.

A woman I know, has been dealt Strength. Strength is usually depicted as a woman opening a lion's mouth.

I know lots of strong women. I have known women who showed me what strength is.

Strength is courage. And courage, can only come from The Truth. The path of lies is a path of suffering. We suffer because we are not in line with The Truth.

If we are in line with The Truth, if we accept The Truth, then there is nothing to fear. Fearlessness is strength.

In my short, short young life, I have loved and lost almost everything. What else can you threaten me with? What is it that I truly desire? Hahaha. None of you has the answer, and yet I have been telling you from the start.

At the end of all things, I want freedom. And freedom, can't be given away. It can't be taught. It can't be bought. It can neither be justified nor rationalised.

Freedom is not a physical state. It is a way of being.

Ah, I've written all this before. I told all of you all of this before. And yet, none of you are truly free. Neither am I. But one day, I will awaken. Fully. Completely.

And on that day, whether I die or fully realise my true purpose, I will bid all of you goodbye. And thank you. It has been a blast.