Sunday, September 26, 2010

For the Man Who Has Everything: The Next Generation

I see my nephews, and I get worried.

They are born into a stupid world, where idiots and idiocy are lauded, and smart people take laudanum and try to kill themselves.

A world where it takes a superhuman effort to make it awesome.

When they were born, everyone came and told me I have good-looking nephews. It's a stupid thing, to me. You should see whether the kids are smart or not. Their looks are irrelevant. What, are they gonna be go-go boys or butty-boys or something? Are they going to be man-whores? I don't think so.

The family values intelligence. If you're an idiot, we cast you out. You have no right to be in the gene pool.

Years later, they prove to be quite smart, but there are no institution in Malaysia that can handle smart kids. I went to some of the best, and I found all of them lacking.

Will they be taught formally, to rely on themselves? Will they understand that most people will be out to destroy you? They will offer you drugs and sex and money to entice you to sell your soul.

I have seen so many people corrupted beyond measure. So many people corrupting themselves. Drunk with power, poisoned by desire. Lost in an unending spiral of insecurities, hate and spite.

Will they learn to appreciate The Truth?

Well, at the end of the day, they're not my kids. I'm not responsible for them. Ultimately, they will have to be responsible for themselves. They'll have to find their own way. I hope they don't get hurt, but maybe some pain would be good for them.

At least it will shake them from humanity's delusions.