Thursday, September 30, 2010

And The Sun Rises from the East

Again, I fell asleep on the chair and found myself in bed the next morning.

Yesterday, I met quite a few people. Some are those whose work philosophies mirrored mine, when I was younger. They are at the forefront of Malaysian filmmaking, though occupying a backseat role most of the time. Paradoxes - I walk among them.

I had dinner with a couple whom I've known since before they got married, as well as a little girl from a broken home.

The kid likes Magika, enjoyed it immensely. I asked her, what was her favourite part of the movie.

"When Ayu was talking to her mother's grave. Her mother is dead, see, and she was inside the grave."

She's not wearing Goth make-up yet, but that statement seems telling.

Smart kid, but the more I talk to her, the more I suspect the kind of trauma she went through and is going through.

As I went home last night, I was thinking, "Will she go to proper schools? Will she get proper guidance? Will she survive before she's 25?"

And then, at home, after taking a dump, I thought to myself, "Well, not my responsibility. Let's paaaaaar-tay! Uh! Uh!"

I am keeping my messiah complex in check. I shouldn't try to fix anyone.

Am working on stories about filmmaking and certain interesting projects I managed to dig up. The scene is vibrant, really. Lots of people are doing so many things. So many interesting projects. Revolutionary ones.

The only thing is to find them all. And in the darkness, bind them.