Monday, September 13, 2010


When humans see bad things that happen to people, they rarely think it will happen to them.

They see people die, and they think they will never die. They see people eat too much and get heart disease, they never think it'll happen to them. They see smokers get cancer, and that will surely only happen to other people.

They're special. God will make allowances for them.

I once thought that immortality came with the name. If I wrote things that are important enough, my name will live on for as long as mankind draw breath.

But I was wrong. For even that is temporary. Mankind as we know today will one day be extinct. Lost forever in the fires of a red giant.


True immortality is in awareness. Awakening your self to what is beyond ego. Beyond things. Beyond the petty worries of the daily barrage of stupid banality.

Behold! As I fire energy balls, from my ass! For I am not immortal. But I still can fire energy balls from my ass.

And be at one with the omniverse.