Saturday, September 25, 2010

O Ye of Little Faith

So I was at a soiree - a dinner party, of sorts - the other day with some friends who are leaving for Australia next week.

Friend1: You look more alive than usual. So how are things?

Me: Things are okay.

Friend2: How's your pop psychology?

Me: Oh, fine.

Friend1: Do you get angry anymore?

Me: Yes.

Friend2: Then it's not working! What you believe in is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Friend1: Cause, cause, cause, if it is really as how you say it is, then you wouldn't get angry or feel sad. Or, or, or.

Me: Yes?

Friend1: Or... I dunno.

Friend2: Why are you smiling? Don't you have anything to say?

Me: Nope.

Friend2: So you're a fake, that's what you are! A goddamn fake!

Me: ... So when's your flight next week?

Friend1: Wait. Are you going to write this on your blog?

Me: Yes.

Friend1: No!

Me: Why?

Friend1: Because you'll make us look and sound so stupid!

Me: How?

Friend1: By writing what we said!

Me: Will I write anything that you did not say?

Friend2: No lah. But you know...

Me: I know what? That if you read what you've said, you will see what you have actually said?

Friend1: ...

Friend2: ...

Me: SO, when's your flight next week?