Friday, September 24, 2010

Rota Fortuna: Revolutions

And so the wheel of life turns.

People who focus on their positions on the wheel always live in fear. Always compare their lives to other people. And are always, always insecure.

My travels to Thailand have always been spiritual in nature. For me. Different people get different things, see?

Being in Thailand always gets me to a deeper, more basic level where I could examine and view everything without the complex delusional structures that permeate so-called 'thinking'.

In my travels, I have seen the future, and what a strange future it is.

Just had to say that. It's from 'The Prestige'. Great movie.

Anyway, I will forever have a soft-spot for Thais, especially Thai girls, for the spiritual awakenings they have helped start in me.

My hang-ups with heaven and hell. My problems with what other people say. My distaste for liars and the stupid idiots who fall for such obvious cons.

A lot of stuff, really.

The funny thing is, some of the lessons I have carried with me and I didn't understand until later on.

I am quite jubilant at the moment, and it has a lot to do with a lesson I learned or perhaps furthered, in Thailand.

I was pissed off at a white dude who mocked and made fun of me in Phuket. I was trying to get them to my favourite massage parlour and having some success with other groups, I decided to do the same with these guys.

They simply accosted me. I got really angry. So angry, that my favourite masseuse had to persuade me to go in and have my regular session.

As she massaged me, I ranted about that group, and then started making all these racist comments about white people.

The masseuse simply went on with her Thai massage.

At some point, I stopped talking and asked her, the small woman with strong hands, "Doesn't it bother you at all?"

She smiled, for this was a land for that, and said, "Whatever they say or do, they cannot change my past or my present or my future. They cannot change me. They cannot change The Truth."

I was like,"..."

And then, "So, what do you do, when facing evil, spiteful stupid people?"

"As I do with other people. I face them when the time calls for me to face them. And when they are gone, I let everything go. They may have a more difficult life to lead. Who knows what troubles others, absorbed we are with our own situation."

Suddenly, I felt sheepish. Embarrassed by my ranting. Wanting to do her a favour, I asked for a blowjob, and that is another story for another time.

And here I am, six years later, just beginning to understand that. But it works!