Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goodwill to All

It is easy to wish for good stuff to people, when you are contented and happy.

So, I am taking this opportunity, while I am contented and happy, to wish you all well.

Truthfully, my world and my life have been made easier and a bit more friendly with the direct or indirect contributions and actions from a lot of people.

Thai go gos, Thai girls, Thai people, Malaysians, white and black and brown people. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

As I wrote weeks ago, I believe that everything that happens - good or bad or however we decide to make of things - is necessary to get us to awareness.

If I say too much, then some of the message would be lost and some might accuse me of gloating. I am not. I am merely sharing what I am thinking, feeling and experiencing at this present moment. The next moment will be different, and I don't know how.

So, while I am happy and contented, I wish you all well. I hope that everyone gets to see The Truth early. I pray that everyone of you finds whatever it is that you are looking for. And that you are not too damaged when you reach the final destination.

With a clear conscience and an open heart, I wish you well.