Monday, September 13, 2010


I just spent three hours playing Saidina - the Malaysian version of Monopoly with my nephews and my siblings.

I got that set when I was 12, I think. We played once, and I could never get the family to ever play it again.

18 years later, after I promised the kids a computer version of the game and finding the freeware gone from my harddrive, I dusted off the damned thing and gave it a whirl.

I won, of course. My luck with the dice in Saidina or Monopoly has always been good. I could only wish that it was as real in daily life as well.

We played until Number Two couldn't throw the dice properly and landed on my Kuala Lumpur slot with three houses. Then, my PJ spot with four. I wiped the floor with his ass. I so fucking rule, man.


Me: Hahahahaha! IN. YO. FACE!

Nephew: Waaa! I wanna go to sleep! Waaa!

Me: Wait! If you sell everything, you can still play, with RM150.

And the game went on for another hour.

Having no guilt is really fun. Muahahahaha!

I am the mighty Demon Lord Amir Hafizi! Bow down before my greatness in luck-based board games! All fall before me! All kneel before my might! Muahahahaha!

Nephew: It's 3am. Can I sleep now?