Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summon Meteor

I know I did a lot of work today, but the fact that my shoulders are sore is ridiculous. It's as if I've been lifting 50kg cement bags all day long or something.

I sure did a lot.

And in a few minutes, I'm gonna do more. And tomorrow, even more. I'm gearing up to operate at 100% capacity.

Fuck everything else, man. The world's mine for the taking. Make me KING! New World Order!

Start slow. Chug along. Increase speed. Speed. Speed. Speed. Speed. And then, BAM! Warp Speed, motherfucker.

I may be evil, but I feel goooood. Muahahaha. The world is turning. And you're all fucked now.

Cause when things start to click, nothing in this universe can stop me.