Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Voice of God

My brother called me the other day, saying that he found some African black money scammers.

Yup. The ones that claim they can turn a pile of black paper using a 'certain chemical' into US dollars.

He finally got a hold of them, not because he believes in scams, but because he is curious as to how these conmen work. It's a hobby. Safer than heroin addiction.

So he got the name of the 'certain chemical' and wanted to run the damn thing through me.

Me: So what is it? What do they use?

Brother: Tetragrammaton. I've been looking all over the net for the chemical and couldn't find any reference to the thing.

Me: That's because Tetragrammaton is the Voice of God. According to Judaism. So the chemical they're using is actually the Voice of God. Holy Shit! That could be more valuable than the bloody fucking US dollars. Screw foreign currency, you have the Voice of God there!

B: Yup.

Me: Give me some Voice of God, broseph.

B: Comin' right up, homes.

I can't believe people fell for this shit. Goes to show, that when greed clouds your brains, you will have the IQ of a bonobo with Down Syndrome.