Thursday, June 12, 2008

National Pornographic Sexplorer: At The Mountains of Madness

It is a few hours before I touch down on Thai soil. And already, I could feel the madness I have been carrying around for the past several months begin to fall away from me.

I can feel the power. I can sense the source energy. I can taste the vibrations of the earth. I am close to Hell.

Right now, I am tying up some loose ends at work. Got a few quick proposals to do. I can already see myself coming back from this Bangkok-Pattaya trip and being so motherfucking energized and ready to do more.

I can no longer feel the negativity from idiots, or even hear the voice of the monkeys. All the bad things people have done to me, real or imagined, will not matter anymore. Soon, the only thing that matters would be my dick.

At last, my dick is complete again.

I will again be the alpha and the omega. The king of kings. Underwear-Model-Samurai-Man. Man of Tomorrow. The Malay Male. Count Clitoris. The best and the greatest. I will again be Amir Hafizi. 8 Years Old. And proud of it.