Monday, June 9, 2008

Tales from the Drunk Side: Noir

I walked into the Press Club with her words ringing in my head.

The Witch: Why did you come here to see me?

That was a few hours ago. Before I met Glen and Jack.

Me: I want you to ask questions I can't.

TW: Why? Why can't you?

Me: Because I can no longer remain impartial. Logical. I'm involved too deep. I am biased.

TW: Gee. You think?

Me: I am about to do something great and terrible...

And I told her all the options that lay before me. And she said this and that. And my face changed. And then I got up and she got up, and she left and I left as well.

Then I'm here. Surrounded by old people. But I think I'll be going first. To Hell. Hell Club. In Pattaya.

Lucifer Disco. Where lithe little demons dance and prance around. Where I can be a kid again. Forever. Thailand is the one place in the world where I show my true face. And they accept you, without judgment. As long as you pay your tabs.

Earlier, I sent a letter to Dr M. Felt like it. Though it could just be academic. Word on the street is that the APs for alternative fuel cars have already been distributed. Pretty soon, we will see electric cars and hydrogen fuel-cell cars on Malaysian roads. If they followed my plans, it could also solve the Independent Power Producers problem as well. Currently, the Government is spending over 26 billion ringgits on subsidies for them. Or so they say.

With hydrogen fuel-cell, every single vehicle-owner is an IPP. Maybe you can get a piece of the pie. RM26 billion divided by 26 million Malaysians is a thousand bucks a piece. Per year.

I used to think, in my youth, that politics and policies do not affect me, as long as I stay out of politics. It took a costly lesson in 2006 to show me that politics and policies affect everyone. And people who feel safe and would feel no risk of looking bad by avoiding the stupid politics of the cuntry and continue to look cool by letting idiots run rampant all over the cuntry will ultimately pay the price.

And how they are paying the price now. Stupid. Go forth and look cool. Go on and try to look good. End of the day, you're the fucking buffoon.

"I don't vote. Hihi."

"I don't care who sets the price for my next meal. Hihi."

What a bunch of retards.

These days, while waiting for Pattaya, I am trying to find something or someone worth saving in this godforsaken cuntry.

My parents are dying. The people I see are backstabbing monkeys. I see no hope. This is why I need to go to Pattaya. I need to see that there is hope for the human race. Otherwise, I might jkust decide to start killing people. For fun.

I found one - myself, but I am too busy fighting with my inner-adult to actually give a fuck about anything else. I don't want to grow up. I always want to be eight years old. And be honest about everything.

But that's not the way the world works. If I start playing their games, going about their rules, I will destroy this world and kill everyone in it. Thank God I am not that mature yet. Thank God I haven't grown up to be one of them.