Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Public Service Announcement: It's the Blog Signal, Let's Go!

A number of weeks ago, I went into the National Press Club and saw Rocky, Nuraina, Bernard Khoo (Zorro) and a number of other people sitting at a table.

I was like, "What's happenin' here, pilgrims?"

And Rocky said, "Pull up a chair, youngblood."

And before I knew it, I was roped in to help set up a do, a thing, a party of sorts for bloggers to come and have wanton, rampant se - er- to celebrate 100 days after the elections.

I was supposed to help, but after giving some ideas, I have managed to be completely and utterly useless to the cause. Perhaps because my only real cause is for myself, and not other people.

I was supposed to invite some celebrities, but most I approached told me that they either have other things scheduled.

Fortunately, they were not relying on me at all and my failures will not reflect the failures of the event. If it were to fail.

Anyway, if you do not want it to fail, simply go to Rocky's and Zorro's blogs for more details.