Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tales from the Tipsy Side: Sing Me a Song

I just got back from a karaoke outing. Fun bunch. Though I must say they still think karaoke is for singing properly. Hahahahaha.

I go and sing to massacre some songs and probably one day sing them well enough.

One day, when the Magika songs are available on karaoke, I want to go and sing it all night long. Hahahahaha.

Tonight was also Cherry, Hellsen's girlfriend's, birthday. So happy birthday, Cherry!

There were some songs I didn't get to sing, so I'm planning to go again, soon. I'm really turning into an old man, and I am quite okay with it.

Now, where's my three bottles? I have it here, somewhere, and I plan on finishing the job. So there.

Berirama... senandung semalam...