Sunday, January 1, 2012


It has been many hours of 2012, and the world has not started destroying itself yet.

I spent the day going out for a haircut. As I got the trim, something clicked in my mind. It was like I was trying to piece jigsaw puzzles together and I finally realised where the key pieces went.

Afterwards, I went out and passed a very hot chick. Minidress. Sneakers? And a bag which does not seem to be her handbag. She paid for her cigarettes with a smaller bag she got from her oversized, cheap bag. The bag looked like one of those free shopping bags they give out at supermarkets, or sell for a ringgit or two.

Maybe she's out to run errands, but the minidress, in the mid-afternoon sun didn't make sense. Maybe she was out shopping? But I believe the sneakers meant that she was prepared to get sweaty.

Big cheap bag, sneakers, and with the time she spent on her make-up? I guess she's going to the gym later?

She noticed a lot of guys staring at her cleavage, so I just walked past without staring and I found she looked at me.

So I got into a cab and went home. The cabbie was still angry from last night, when he encountered some rude passengers. Spittle was spraying all over the place as he talked - loudly - about how some people are total, complete idiots.

If I feign disinterest, he would raise his voice even louder. So I listened very carefully to what he was telling me, asking a few questions, in my normal, soft tone.

By the time I reached my apartment, the cabbie was still shouting angrily about last night's shenanigans, but I was smiling and not at all affected by his sour mood.

This year seems to be shaping up even on its first day. I can feel the silhouette, the curves and ridges - the edges and valleys. More importantly, I can feel myself again, after months of burnout.

If this Dec 20 is the date on which the world ends, I think it's going out with a bang.