Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let's Go Let's Go Chopping! OoooOOO!

While other people brag and gloat about their purchase of the cheapest offering from any brand. I'm going to brag about buying cheap stuff.

My white shirts are all RM11 for THREE, with ONE Dockers shirt at RM200. Mostly I wear the RM3++ shirts.

Yesterday, I decided it's time for a change and bought an office chair, a corner computer table I've always wanted and a dining table with four chairs set. Here they are:

This is the Jokkmokk set from Ikea. It's the only set from Ikea I saw that comes with four chairs. It's antique-stained, which means its colour is normal wood.

This is the Malkolm swivel chair. My old chair, which Ikea no longer carries, is worn out and frayed. I was going to get it re-upholstered as the structure is still strong, but do not have the time to do so. Plus, at RM299, the Malkolm is just slightly more expensive than getting my old chair fixed.

Finally, we have this. This is the Vika Amon corner computer table top with five Vika Curry table legs.

I have always wanted a corner computer table and now I have it. Wheee! Muahahaha!

The closest thing to a corner table set is priced at RM500. This one costs me RM249, because I opted for cheapo table legs. Since I am only placing my flat screen monitor on the table with my keyboard and mouse, with possibly an ashtray, I do not need that much support.

I do not believe that paying more will certainly get better things. Case in point: Bangsar Seafood at OneBangsar is, in my opinion, overpriced and the food is lousy. I would much rather dine at roadside seafood stalls.

Doesn't mean there's a bargain everywhere either. Just buy what you need, or what you can use. And I can certainly use these things.