Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kesejukan Sepandang Layang

So far, my sojourn into writing in Bahasa Malaysia has been entertaining. You would not believe the kind of trouble I got into when I address a different audience.

I have been covering the Malaysian entertainment scene for years, but even though the primary language of that scene/industry is BM, I trained and was trained in English.

I have taken steps to explore more of the language, since I find that languages are always useful.

My BM novel is nowhere near completion, but I think it will be soon. I have several dictionaries now, which I purchased with the help of an ex-girlfriend who went to a book fair.

However, after spending months on BM, it is refreshing to go back to what I know best. This doesn't mean I will abandon BM anytime soon. In fact, I plan to continuously improve my understanding - dare I say mastery? - of the language.