Saturday, January 7, 2012

Intermission: Nine Yin Manuals

In recent weeks, I am thinking of expanding my skill sets. My question is, which way?

I started out as a programmer, because I prefer talking to machines than humans. After graduating, for no apparent reason, my gut instincts told me to pursue my dreams of writing. Well, there was a reason. I went through that cult - the Asiaworks training thing.

If you go through the training, the most important thing - for me - was facing yourself. You can't find the truth without knowing yourself. Gnothi seauton. The training works (or doesn't) differently for different people.

I would say that if this was Heaven's Sword and Dragon Sabre, that would be Great Solar Stance.

I was a guy in the desert, finding a few drops of water.

I went into journalism because Neil Gaiman became a journalist for 8 years. The past 8 years, I have achieved whatever I wanted to achieve. My goals, not others'.

Wrote a biography, a few movies, some TV series, a couple of documentaries, wrote a novel. The usual stuff. I picked up photography along the way.

Now, I have writing. Should I try my hand and push at photography, programming or graphic design? Should I push languages? I left my Japanese education early, and I have been listening to Cantonese and Hokkien.

Some things, I will continue to hone. After discovering Eckhart Tolle, I will continue to live my life as an experiment in happiness.