Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Note

You know what they say about how everyone have stories. I also see that they put forth certain stories as well, in their daily lives.

A person's story - his entire existence could be, "If you know me, you will know that I am great. Please be impressed. PleasePleasePlease!"

Other people project this - "I'm better than everything and everyone and should be worshiped. PleasePleasePlease. Please believe me!"

Some people project whole genres. A woman could carry the 'spirit' genre of stories, stories of facing adversity, without even facing adversity. Always on the verge of tears for that moment in an inspirational movie where the protagonists fight and climb over a hill or something. Willy the Killer Whale jumping over some weird kid.

A few I have seen carry the victim story and project them everywhere like a projector leaking light. Crazy. And quite a few.

There is no problem having or projecting a story, but when you are too caught up with one tale, one message, you become a one-note human.

Unless trying to reinforce an idea for whatever purpose, it is best to not project stories or get too deep into your own story. Or project many different stories. Not a rule or law, but what I find effective.

Otherwise, we all will be caught up with some form of whatever without having the chance to do many things.