Sunday, January 1, 2012

Malaysian Psycho: Cyclic Coherency

I discovered early on, that if I were to tell people the truth in a direct manner, they would never believe it.

Example: For years, I have been telling people that I have the most powerful mind in the world and that I also have a strong dick that can stand sexual intercourse for hours on end, ensuring any woman experiencing orgasm if they have the stamina to ride my dick.

Few believed me. I do not understand why.

So I went ahead and told them the truth in a roundabout manner. This seemed to work, until I realised the tragic truth - people expect you to lie. And why is that? Because people lie. They themselves lie, and their only yardstick to measure and judge people - and they do at every single moment of their lives - is to compare others to themselves.

Which is why it is vital - for most people - to get as much varied experience as possible in order to judge more accurately.

These days, my communication is confined to what is vital and those details which the other person needs. I had a problem wi9th communication early in my life simply because I could not compress all the information I have in succinct forms.

How do I include a description of the processes in which my mind goes through to ascertain that someone's goals are veiled through a complex network of lies and falsehoods?

I also find our Asian societies a bit disorienting because you are not supposed to look directly at people in their eyes as you speak with them. This is considered a sign of aggression - something we share with dogs.

The eyes do reveal a lot. A contracted iris means that a person is in an uncomfortable state, he/she/it does not want to absorb more of what's happening. Dilated pupils means they are in a state of joy.

I have some trouble with hearing - my range is slightly off - and whenever some people read this on my blog, they try to screw me over by talking in a rushed, low tone. I always get my revenge by destroying their lives, but that's besides the point.

I have learned to compensate by focusing on people's lip movements. There are also various clues there. Lips quiver and tremble, they stick out, go in, or - when talking - reveal more of the lower teeth or upper teeth.

Or how about sometimes some people are nice to you when they feel guilty for screwing you over or talking behind your back?

How the fuck was I going to incorporate all this information in a few sentences? It is impossible, unless I am talking to myself.

And so, what I do for important conversations is that I run simulations inside my head. It is slow at first, making me a mostly silent creature.

With practice, though, this becomes more habitual and instinctive.

Man, I am so smart. And my dick is strong as well.