Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winning Conditions

Some of my freaky friends said I write a lot about spirituality, but not practical shit. Not useful shit.

I told them all to fuck off. The quest for happiness is the ONLY quest worth having. Everything else is just bullshit.

You get yourself in order, aligned with the truth, and nothing as well as no one can touch you. You will be free, one with the omniverse and all that jazz. Of what use is anything else?

You looking for a manual to become a millionaire? Hahaha. Not here, bitch. I won't pretend to know the secrets to wealth. What do I look like, Robert T Kiyosaki? Fucking conman.

I don't know any 52 easy life tweaks to make you lose weight, make a billion dollars while fucking every girl in Thailand. I don't sell drugs or delusions, motherfucker.

Still reading, you fucking morons?

Okay, here is ONE trick to winning. In life, winning is never defined by anybody or anything. People become losers because they go on and on and never stop anywhere. Hence, they never win - and because of that, they are losers.

What you can do is set the winning conditions for yourself. No one can do that, because then it's no fun and other people are always morons. Stupid motherfuckers.

So you set them, and you achieve them. Every single fucking day. No backing off. Full speed ahead. You make your own rules, and you reward yourself.

Still useless? Good. You're all still stupid. I win.