Saturday, January 7, 2012

Limit Break

My mind was debating whether I should or should not write about how I'm feeling good.

Consider that most idiots, when seeing or sensing someone in a positive mood would seek to destroy that positivity as it is seen and experienced - perhaps unconsciously - as a threat to their self-existence or in other words ego.

If I were to reveal my happiness, I would be besieged by hordes of idiots trying to disprove my statements. Especially those who believe reading this website will give them some kind of advantage over me as they find out what I'm thinking.

Then, I thought, why the fuck should I give a fuck?

In the past few weeks, since I decided that there's no use moping around and whining to my sister, I decided to move forward. When I move, I can't help but distort and skew the world around me. It was the price. It is always the price. Our existence deforms the universe - that is responsibility, said Delirium.

So I continued my breathing exercises, picked up on my cooking and started focusing. There are literally hundreds of tiny little tasks, maybe thousands. I approach them one by one, and I apply Eckhart Tolle's teachings.

I find that my energy has improved, and I am now more aware of energy projection, my presence. I sense that the working days seem shorter as I cram even more things into them.

My memory has improved as I begin to see things as both disjointed individual things as well as part of a whole. I could remember figures, facts, actual quotes, even dig up memories of old, things I haven't been able to remember for a long time.

It was like, before this, I always saw the world as moving in slow motion, without me being able to do anything. Now, I can make some movements. Only some.

This weekend, I am faced with three tasks. Three projects - all very different challenges but requiring the same kind of awareness.

The first is an organisational challenge. I need to re-establish flow. The second requires an understanding of mass psychology and research. The third, taps into creativity and storytelling, primarily.

I have 48 hours, starting 39 minutes ago. See you after the gap.