Friday, September 12, 2008

Turning the Tables: Politicians as a Minority

Thank God, politicians are a minority group in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, they control so many things. They choke and strangle and influence people.

If you are a politician, no matter what party - Government or opposition - a de facto special status is afforded to you.

It is the not-so-new aristocracy.

This is no different than apartheid, when the minority white people ruled over the majority native Africans.

Whenever a minority rules over the majority, we will have an Apartheid-like situation. Unfortunately for the world, Nelson Mandelas and gang are few and far between.

So anyway, politicians are a minority in this country. The benefits they enjoy and the substantial money they make in relation to the majority is an embarrassment.

For the good of the many, I propose that we ignore the politicians. Cut them off from the respect and adulation they have come to expect from stupid cows.

Do not react to their racist behaviours - from ALL sides.

Expect or enforce a non-violent equal distribution of wealth.