Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mythbuster: Root Canal,Yo!

Today, I went to the dentist for a root canal. AGAIN.

I did it last Saturday, but he needed to check up on me again today. Which was good, cause he didn't take ALL the nerve out.

The good thing is, I have discovered that root canals are NOT PAINFUL AT ALL. After two solid injections to the side gums and to the roof of your mouth, the dentist can basically drill two inches into your lower jaw, insert a barbed drill-bit, pull a few nerves, and you can jack off to porn all the while.

I still have to back a few times for some other treatments and finally for crowning, after Raya.

See, after the dentist drilled two inches into my lower jaw, he inserted some stuff into it. Looks and tastes like medicine. Then he covered it up for a while and gave me an antibiotics course. Flagyl and Ospamox again - which means antibiotics for both ends of the spectrum.

Which means I can't fast till I finish the course. Hahaha.

I also did bonding on my front teeth, and did scaling. Bonding is cool. It's basically a thing that you just put on your teeth and it will harden, becoming part of it.

There's also that cool thing the dentist did with the UV light, which strengthens some fillings when applied directly.

So remember, kids! Root canals don't hurt. If they do, your dentist is an asshat.