Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calm the Fuck Down, Bra!

As a half-Malay, half-Chinese and half-Orc (means I'm 150% kick-ass, motherfucker!), I am quite disturbed with the recent stupid developments about racism in this country.

That guy in Penang. What the fuck, man?

He could have said everything as facts, without the emotion. That's where the mistake was. The emotion. The emo. Goddamn emos.

Here's the thing. Fact:

1. The Chinese came to this country in what, the 1800s? The early 20th century? So what?

My grandfather came here from Guangdong/Guangzhou in 1917. He was one of the Ten Canton Tigers and shit. He whopped some East India Company ass back then.

Grandfather: Imma whoop yo ass, motherfucker!

WhiteGuy: Put 'em up, cause issa throwdown, broseph! Your southern style Kung Fu might be great, but my northern style Gun-Fu is better.

Grandfather: Let us fight, unite, and find out who's gonna get a can of whoop-ass opened for ya.

The blacks came to the States in the 1600s, methinks. Whatever. They went there as slaves. FACT.

No emotion. Just FACT.

So yeah, the Chinese came here as immigrants. So did the Indians. So did the Malays, at one point. Maybe during the ice age or some shit. Maybe post-Parameswara. Maybe before that. Who cares? And if you don't know who Parameswara is, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CUNT-RY, FOO!

Granted, some racists would want to argue with some facts, but that just makes them look stupid.

The Chinese DID come here en masse at some point. So did the Indians, and also the Malays. Put whatever date to it. We all came here and shit.

So did the orang asli, man. What, you think they just sprouted out of the ground?

DNA research puts the first human as a black African woman some 3 million? 2 million? YEARS ago. A long time.

Then, mankind went and traveled, spread from Africa to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, branched off to Europe and then to India, China, South East Asia, Australia, Japan, Korea, and wherever shit.

In essence, we're all immigrants. Happy now?

Routes instead of Roots. Geddit?

The Malays got here first, sure, cause the Chinese and the Indians came later. FACT. No emotions. No hate. No love. Just FACT.

If the guy had stayed that course, it would have been fine. But then he had to go on and on and on. And be emo.

Honestly, I don't give a shit. What I AM worried about is if these racist sentiments from BOTH sides - cause there are sides now, motherfucker - may spark atrocities.

REAL genocide. Not some fake stupid racist Hindraf genocide. Not some PRETEND genocide. Not some "Hey, we wanna be Brits, y'all! So we can lord it over some of the non-Brits!" But some real-ass shit, homes!

So just calm the fuck down, bra!

Not while I'm still in the cunt-ry.

Ask yourself, what would Optimus Prime do?