Monday, September 15, 2008


I spent the whole of last night smoking, doing work when I realized that I would need more information to finish anything. So I watched movies till morning.

Strangely enough, original DVDs now cost LESS than bootlegs.

Sure, you get the WishMaster and Uwe Boller duds, but sometimes, you find deals as well.

So far, I bought:

1. The Hours
2. Dark City
3. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
4. Donnie Brasco

All for RM9.90 each. 10 cents less than the cheapest pirated DVDs in Bangsar. And it's original, foo! Some are Academy Award winners!

I'll definitely ONLY buy the RM9.90 movies (and some RM15.90 ones), even if pirated discs go for as low as RM1 apiece.

I mean, 10 bucks is a fair price for a DVD.

Hell, RM20 is a fair price. If you are not a millionaire, like me - at least NOT YET - simply have a pact with some friends to have a joint DVD collection or some shit like that.

Mosques should be a community center that has all these things. I think since we have a lot of mosques, people should be able to use mosques as:

1. Meeting areas

- Have a book club? DVD club? Crochet class? Computer class? Cooking? Weaving? Reading? Therapy groups - do it at mosques.

- This will encourage the creation of such classes/groups and get more people to go to mosques, and hopefully, get them to stay off shit like raping daughters and stuff like that.

2. Have a notice board service.

- Just put a guy there and pay him say, RM500 a month for a day a week of work. Every Saturday, the fucker takes all notices displayed on the boards and try to make connections. He becomes a switchboard or some shit like that.

Some churches are very active in organising charity shit or drives or whatever the fuck.

Mosques USED to do those things. I saw it in a movie.

In Muhammad - Messenger of God, the mosque was a real community center.

But now, they become 'sarang penagih politik'. Religion has been politicised and the first thing they did was pee on all corners of the billion-kajillion mosques we have in the country.

Fuck that, man!

The Government is also so stupid to spend hundreds of millions if not billions, just so that PIS-M would have a base of operations. AND spend millions more on Balai Rayas to do something the mosques are SUPPOSED to do in the first place.

Now, I'm not the mosque-going type. I'm a hellbound. But if a mosque has internet connection, or at least a fucking wi-fi, I might stay for kiya-mulail? Kiyai-mulai? Ki-YAI!

The thing that needs to be done is to keep politics out. Anyone talking about politics should be shot on sound.

PIS-M Motherfucker: Partai Islam Se-Malaysia dengan ini -


PIS-MM: Erk!

UMNOPutra: Ye-yee-PIS-M kena tembak!


PKR Personality Cultist: Hahahaha! Pada muka UMNO!


Absolutely NO POLITICS.

We should have signs outside of mosques: DOGS AND POLITICIANS NOT ALLOWED.

And for God's sake, have a decent cafe or something. Maybe a Starbucks? Or, better yet, a rival, Islamic brand of Starbucks - Al-Khwarizmi-Buck. With a mermaid wearing purdah as the logo and all.

Drink Al-Khwarizmi-Buck! Arabica coffee beans! Halal! Halal!

And then tackle the markets of Middle-East nations. And ANY country with a truckload of Arab tourists MUST have Al-Khwarizmi-Buck. Helloooo Thailand!


Malaysia should really pay me USD400 million to give ideas.