Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 6600: Finale

My old phone, the trusty Nokia 6600, the former favourite of the Lord of the Rings (politicians) is falling apart.

Every time I get or make a call, people can't hear me, until I slap the receiver end against a stone wall, desk or my own forehead a few times.

It's like an etch a sketch. And after 5 minutes of talktime, the phone would go dead. The battery's gone flat.

Has gone for repairs twice. I was keeping it cause I have over 2000 phone numbers stored inside. And the storage capacity is less than half full.

So yeaterday, bored with slamming the phone on my forehead whenever I want to talk to someone, I decided to go and buy a Blackberry.

I went to a Maxis Center, asked for the cheapest of the cheap - a Blackberry 8770G. It has no camera, no 3G and no memory cards.


1. If I want to take pictures, I'd buy an SLR. No crappy camera attached to a phone can ever take pics that would satisfy me.

2. If I wanted to make porn, I'd go for a Red Cam. Or at least a P2.

3. I do not believe in video phones. Video phones are stupid. Why would I want to show myself to idiots around the world? I'm not an attention-whore.

So yeah, if I could buy a 3G phone with cameras and actually scratch the electronic boards, taking out the 3G ICs and stuff, and break the cameras, and get like a 400-500 bucks discount, I would.

Anyway, a Blackberry 8770G is just right for me now. No frills, hardcore TOOL. Instead of a fucking fashion statement that is supposed to prop up my insecurities and ego.

So I went to a Maxis centre yesterday and told the promoter, I want to buy a bloody fucking Blackberry. One without cameras and no 3G.

She gave me a vacant look. Put a long story short, was very condescending all the way.

She asked for my IC. Which is stupid, cause I already gave my phone number and billing records.

I gave her my old one and she almost yelled at me.

"CANNOT! Your old IC cannot use anymore."

"So, are you telling me I cannot buy this product from you?"

That shook her up.

"Oh, can, can."

I gave her my credit cards and she also ALMOST threw them back at me.


There was no need to get emotional. If I can't pay by card, I'll go cash.

So I said, okay, I'll pay you cash. I asked where the nearest ATM was and she

I went downstairs to withdraw some cash, and got a call from the promoter.

"Do you know where it is?"

"I got the directions. Two floors down, near Baskin Robbins, right? 31 flavours and that shit."


"Nevermind. I'll find it."

"Get back here, there is a closer ATM."

So I went back to the Maxis center's level, and the girl was NOT THERE.

It was 6.15PM and I promised some Muslims that I would take them to dinner, so I told them I can't wait any longer, and I really DO NOT WANT to give my money to idiots. So. Fuck off and die.

I left.

Today, I went to KLCC, and was amazed with the excellent customer service at the Maxis Center.

I was greeted with a smile, the staff were very helpful and the guy who handled my shit even threw in a SIM-card upgrade free of charge. They even waited while I went to the ATM and withdrew the money. As a rule, I don't carry much cash around.

They made some attempts at small-talk, but were not obtrusive at all. And they DID NOT ask for my IC.

Point of sales service is VERY important. If you have idiots there who are rude, stupid, don't know their own products, condescending and probably racist, you'd lose even a schmuck of a customer like me.

I mean, I was at the first Maxis Center, ready to pay. The promoter did not have to sell the damn thing to me. I already know what it can do, the charges involved and whatever shit. I just went there to give them money, and they still managed to ruin that deal. For them.

The KLCC Maxis Center, though, is a sterling example of how it should be done. professional, quick and polite. I left there wishing I could tip the guy.

I don't ask for much, seeing that this IS Malaysia. I did not ask for the free upgrade or for the discount, but that's just some good shit there, man.

So yeah, I'm typing part of this on the Blackberry I got from the Maxis Center. There are still some settings I need to figure out, and I will do so myself, with the help of a friend. For example, most of the numbers I saved for the past two years are in my old phone, not in the SIM card. And I need to transfer that.

And I got loads to do. Will probably be bleary-eyed tomorrow as I rush through a few things. My schedule has been VERY hectic as Hari Raya comes near.

But with the functions of the Blackberry, I feel like an Internet He-Man. No wonder Rocky blogs like a motherfucker.