Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Al Felixta! Alarm! Alarm! Alert Generale! Alert Generale!

If you listen to conspiracy theorists and doomsayers long enough, you will come to the conclusion that, in time, the people in this country will have one of three options:

1. Leave the country
2. Take it up the ass like the bitches they are
3. Sierra Leone

Or maybe Rwanda.

And the victim-wannabes say, “Stay here! Or else, you’re a coward! A coward for not wanting to be a victim! For not sharing in this PAIIIIINNN! In this STUPIDITY!”

Oh well. Kembaaaaang cipap aku mendengarnya.

The next four years will determine what will happen in the next 40-50 years at least. Actually, every year will determine the next 10 years. Which means that 2000 determines what will happen from 2001-2010. 2001 determines what happens from 2002-2011.

The board is all set, the pieces falling together. We may see a gambit here and there, possibly even a castling or a check.

As for me, I have faith in the future. Not in people, because people are stupid. But in the future.

I believe migration has its purpose. Its role will be made clear and more important in the next few years.

When Rwanda fell to the nonsensical violence between the Hutus and the Tutsis, when Don Cheadle was saving everyone in Rwanda by handing out complimentary towels and mints, the remaining Rwandan refugees who were abandoned by the hypocritical Western world were saved mostly by migrants.

The people of Rwanda staying abroad and the foreign companies with ties to the Rwandans took them out of the country. They pressured their governments and got some out. As a result, Belgium will have Syariah law in their courts by 2012.

I believe that setting up possible refugee camps outside of Malaysia starting now would not be a bad idea.

The people who left as part of the current brain drain, if they still feel something – anything – for the country, have one of two choices:

1. hire mercenaries to forcefully instill order in Malaysia
2. open up refuge centers for people fleeing. Sanctuaries.

IF the shit ever comes down.

Of course, there are people who prefer to live in denial, comforted by the lies they tell themselves. And there are doomsayers who make mountains out of molehills.

Whatever it is, I would rather be wrong and get worked up for nothing, than see my father getting slashed by the Hutus.