Saturday, October 2, 2010

Max Pain

Make no mistake. Pain-worshippers walk amongst us.

I once followed a psychology course, and there is a thing called the 'animal archetype'. This concept is taught in several schools of psychology, sometimes under different names.

The 'animals' are people who go through life in a sad and pathetic haze of apathy, pain, depression and self-destruction. It is not really an absolute identity, as everyone can be an 'animal' at different times, as much as they can embody the 'trickster' persona.

'Animals' basically believe that they deserve pain. They seek pain, they find it, and then they complain about it to generate even more pain. They blame other people. They try to bring everyone down to their animalistic state.

I have had an endless battle with 'animals' almost all my life, until I stopped two years ago.

Not my fucking responsibility, is it? And it would be extremely presumptuous and arrogant - not to mention judgmental - to impose my own views of the world on these idiots, as well as other idiots.

These 'animals' drown in their own pain and bullshit, and if you're not careful, they will drag you down with them. To be fair, my archetype was the 'hero' and I was drowning in my own bullshit as well. Only, I called it the Code of Bushido, which sounds cooler but is no less stupid and irritating.

My only statement, perhaps advice, is to stay away from 'animals'. Do not feed them, and don't get into a cage with them. 'Animals', when cornered, can be very dangerous.

Just go out there and do stuff. Forget they exist. Let them die.