Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lucifer Morningstar

I walk with the demon by my side. The devil himself.

Lucifer: So.

Me: So?

Lucifer: How's it working for you?

Me: Unleashing you was a good idea.

L: Yeah, none of that empathy crap, huh?

Me: No. I still have empathy.

L: Be careful. Martian Man-

Me: yeah, I know what happened to Martian Manhunter. In Kingdom Come. He opened himself to the thoughts of the world and it shattered him. I'm no superhero. I have empathy, not telepathy.

L: It's still a cancer in you.

Me: Without empathy, I will be a psychopath.

L: If you say so. Talking to yourself is also crazy, you know?

Me: Yeah, why am I doing this anyway? I should put you away.

L: Na-ah. I'm the only one of your incarnations smart enough to understand what you're talking about.

Me: Y...eaaaah.

L: So, what's next?

Me: Well, I'm gonna take a shower and then prepare to go out. Already finished my work for today. It's time to go and have fun.

L: Fun? Really? Are we going to plant seeds of destruction and watch people die?

Me: No. Just normal fun.

L: Ah. That. Again?

Me: It's cheap and harmless.

L: If you say so.

Me: You believe it is not harmless?

L: Amir, everything you do always have repercussions. Bad ones.

Me: Ah, but that's a delusion. I am not the center of the universe. I am not the primum mobile, the Prime Mover. I am not responsible for the destruction of the universe. Natural entropy will take care of that.

L: If you say so...

Me: Anyway, thanks.

L: For what?

Me: For being there for me when no one else would. You're a real pal, Lucifer.

L: ...

Me: Hahahahahaha!

L: If you say that again, I'm going to kill you!

Me: No you will not.

L: Why not?

Me: Because I'm not suicidal.

L: Okay, since this is you and you talking, I guess that's true.

Me: Just relax and enjoy the show, Lou. This will be fun. The enjoyment of doing nothing for a few hours.

L: If you say so...