Thursday, February 17, 2011

Village People: Emergency Response

I got a response from my contact in a corporate body, asking for more details on the family and the project. I got some writing to do tonight, baby.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with a foundation. I need to park this charity under a foundation that has tax-deductible status. Makes it easier for me to collect funds.

Actually, I've done this before, but not for the people in my village. Back in 2003, I was part of a team that raised RM20,000 for an orphanage. We got used computers from IBM, and spent the rest of the money on paint. We painted the home ourselves.

I don't believe in having special days for the poor. That's just one day. Need to get them something that lasts.

And while building houses is a good start, my eventual plan is to start sustainable industries and provide jobs for the people in my village. Train them as mechanics or start a farming project or something.

There is Government funding, but it is not being utilised properly. No corruption, as far as I know, but no takers either. If I do become a multi-millionaire, I'll retire and take care of these projects full-time.