Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Malay Male's Political Roundup

I work in the entertainment industry, so when I want to entertain myself, I read political websites.

They no longer sicken me. They amuse me.

If you read them, you will notice that it was as if all these sites are written by the same person.

The spiteful personal attacks are all employed by both sides, which is just one side, really.

This is not a battle between BN and PR. It is a battle between the rich and how long they can make fools of the poor.

BN and PR are on one side - the TAKERS. And the people are on another side - the IDIOTS.

And then we have the so-called 'third option', which are foolish takers, because not only are they takers, they are doing a bang up job at it as well.

So who is right? Who is wrong? I don't care. I am here, to be entertained.

Pro-Government or anti-opposition sites are running rampant with what I see as personal attacks on Anwar Ibrahim. And Anwar can't say much, cause when he had the stand, with (at the time) 25 million Malaysians hanging on to his every word, I believe he lied ("I have boxes of evidence against the Government!") and he did personal attacks as well ("Whose wife is bald???!!!")

There is a storm brewing in the horizon. Some players are pushing for a race riot. In fact, I think there has always been a push for race violence, all the time. For some do understand that with chaos, comes opportunity.

I believe that the Tunisian, Egyptian and whatever movements are occuring right now, is not accidental. I don't believe it's the Jews, but after the dust has settled, whoever has the money is or was guilty of something.

Our mission, is not to be fooled, as even the best of us are manipulated or used sometimes. Our goal, is to keep ourselves safe from descending to the level of animals, or worse - politicians.