Sunday, February 13, 2011

Intermission: What Dreams May Cum

I have been coughing for most of last week.

Just two days ago, someone contacted me and asked/offered me something. I aim to send him an email tonight, after allowing myself to cough out whatever it is that was making my lungs feel like it's been soaked in water, in the past two days.

Just now, after the third meeting of the day, as I was walking to the elevator (lift to all you Brits) at my apartment, I puked a puddle of phlegm. It was gooey and looked like it belonged on Nickelodeon.

After that, I felt as if the liquid has been wrung out of my lungs and immediately started smoking. Yes, my lungs definitely feel better, and I'm ready to write.

This is how you organise your freelance life.

I got short term projects and long term ones. Short term projects are supposed to make money quickly. Long term ones are set for the future. I also have mid-term projects.

If the stars are aligned, and all I planned are fruitful, I will be busy till the middle of the year. For the rest of the year, I got some things cooking for beyond May. Some new opportunities also opened up and I am looking at them.

I also want to use the free time, which looks to be diminishing as the days go by, to go and sculpt my body to one day become an underwear model.

Look, I just want to be a regular multi-millionaire, so I could retire at an early age and help people.

I don't want power. I don't want people to fear or worship me. That's not my dream. If that is yours, then knock yourself out. It's just not me, bra.

If I wanted power, I would have been a politician. My family is influential enough for me to win a seat or two, if I push it. I'll be one of those people. Driving Harriers and wearing blue slacks and white shirts with double pockets in front. And fiddling with my two iPhones - one for the wife and work, another for the mistresses and few-night-stands.

Or I'd pretend to be a pious Malaysian Syariah-compliant politician and moralise people everyday.

I'd get paid a lot of money, for lying. In fact, all you assholes who lie, should become politicians. If you're not already.

The fact is, I'm one of the stupid ones. For all my giganormous intelligence, I do not hold the fate of the world in my hands.

I simply do not have the desire to control people, as much as I love my own freedom.

Anyone who tries to use other people, I regard with suspicion. Not hate or anger, but with a certain sense of wariness.

I believe in freedom, regardless of how stupid that sounds. I think that so many people before me fought so hard, and died so horribly, in order for other people to be able to enjoy their lives and make their own decisions.

These days, there are very few things, and even fewer people, that I do I believe in.

Oh well. Time to do some work.