Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freedom and Honor

My ancestors did not fight tooth and nail so that one day, their kin, their blood, would run in fear on their own land.

I do not see myself as belonging to anything, but it would be a great disservice to those who came before me, if I were to live a life of lies.

I cannot keep my head down, because my head is quite large. If I keep it down, it will snap my neck and I will die an Elephant Man's death.

I enjoy the freedom that so many have died for. They fought honorably, without the need to sneak and slither like reptiles.

We are warm-blooded, free men. What use is guile? That is going against my very nature. I live true, and I live free. Let God sort out the rest.

I believe that any bond is imaginary. It is we, ourselves, who keep us true to our own words.

I apologise for nothing. I regret nothing. I have always been what I have always been.

It doesn't matter if the Book of Five Rings was a lie. The idea and the thought behind it is something to aspire to.

I will kill myself before I sink to being a snivelling little coward.

Full frontal nudity! Yeah!