Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spirit: Stallion of the Silmarillion

I used to have a problem with people - even my close family members - treating the Koran or any Holy Book as a Book of Magic.

A lot of people see spirituality as some sort of magic act. Some sort of sorcery. You recite this verse here, and you cast lightning bolts or shoot lasers. Or magically conjure gold coins from thin air.

Used to. I found it delusional, and the ultimate kind of lying - the one you do to yourself.

I have always seen black magic as a form of mental illness, and I continue to do so to this day. This is why, I believe that in Islam, it is a great sin to practice any kind of magic or sorcery.

However, my derision has at times consumed me. Does it matter what other people believe in? What I believe in? Do I give a fuck?

I find it annoying, but to spend any time dwelling on it is dumb. It is much more productive for me to focus on my own shit.

I still believe that whatever you believe in, is right for you. No matter how dumb or stupid it seems to other people. You can believe politicians. Or you can believe me. Doesn't make you any smarter.

Hell, fuck should I care?