Monday, February 14, 2011

I Am Unicron

My voice has not returned to normal. It has become gravelly and coarse. I sound like someone from the Nolan Batman movies. Or Orson Welles with a sore throat.

I'm just worried that I will fall sick, but so far, I'm as healthy as can be. If I start heating up, if I get a temperature, I know how that got there.

Last night, I finished most of my deadlines. I also decided to hold applying for this one job until I get more information. I don't know, man. If some deals come through, I won't have to worry for a while. I'm working on them.

After handing in my resignation letter, I feel alive again. I am happy. Wasn't an easy decision, I must admit, but I must always be true to myself, or I'd be miserable.

Fuck all that shit, man.

Today, I'm gonna come up with even more shit, and hope to get a response from the other shit I've been working on. Hopefully, everything works out.