Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tales from the Drunk Side: Makkal Sakti

I just got back from a party a former employee of my company threw for himself. He is leaving for greener pastures, setting up his own business and all.

There was Danny Lim who accompanied me after some of the TV people left, who kept on asking to get into an UMNO function.

I told him I am planning to go to the AGM and sell this shirt:


And possibly this:


And he said he’d man the stalls for me.

I told him: Dude, you’re Chinese. This is the UMNO AGM. United MALAY National Organisation. Who the fuck is gonna buy these shirts from you, foo!?

Anyway, I spent most of the night discussing the best ways to kill people with Sunder. And who we’d like to fuck.

Sunder: I like Chinese Soccer Moms.

Me: What the fuck?

Sunder: You know, the girl in A Knight’s Tale? Chinese Soccer Mom.

Me: I don’t go for Chinese Soccer Moms. I don’t know why people would go for Chinese Soccer Moms. That’s just sick. You’re a fucking weirdo.

Sunder: Balls, lah! I didn’t say Chinese Soccer Mom, foo! I said Chinese Soccer Mom! Oh, man. I’d love to fuck Chinese Soccer Mom.

Then I asked Sunder if he’d like to be in my short movie.

Me: Bitch! Would you like to be in my short movie as the token Indian?

Sunder: Makkal Sakti!

Me: Dua Chapatti?

Sunder: Makkal Sakti, foo! It means People’s Power!

Me: Like Makkal Ossam?

Danny Lim: That’s Makkal Ossai.

Sunder: What the hell’s that?

Me: That’s a newspaper, foo!

Sunder: I’m talking about Makkal Sakti! The thing that won the election! People’s power!

Me: For all you know, it might mean Tosai Rawa. So. The movie. You have a gay scene with Zedeck Siew.

Sunder: Gay? Aw, man. Well. Can I rape someone in the movie? That would be awesome.

Me: You can rape Zedeck.

Sunder: That would be awesome!

And so the night went on.