Saturday, March 29, 2008

Atomic Batteries to Power, Turbines to Speed

The city of Malasnyaville! A city blessed with sunshine all year round.

However, looking up to the skies one morning, residents of Malasnyaville saw the ominous shadow which will change their lives forever.

Resident 1: Look! Up in the sky!

Resident 2: It's a bird!

Resident 3: It's a plane!

Resident 1: It''s the shape of a giant dick!

R2: Let's call Teresa Kok. He'll know what to do. I mean, she'll know what to do. Hehehehehehe.

R3: Get the Kok signal! Let's shine it up the sky!

R2-D2: Pheeeewwwwwww-tit tot e-ork.

Meanwhile, somewhere between Bandar Kinrara and Seputeh, Teresa Kok is driving her KokMobile.

Kok: Hah! And they said I can't be in two places at once! Kage Bunshin no jutsu! STUUUUUNT KOK!

Director: STUNT KOK!

Ass Director: STUNT KOK!

Production Manager: STUNT KOK!

Stunt Kok: Here I am, I came as fast as I can. Hihi.

Using her ninjutsu powers, as well as some special effects, Kok can summon duplicates of herself and ensure the proper handling of both constituencies.

Her day was interrupted, however, when the Kok signal went up the sky.

Kok: Oh, shit. I better call Jeff and the team on this one.

Meanwhile, in LG's test labs...

Jeff Ooi: Ow! This new chocolate tastes bad! It hurts my teeth!

Lab: Woof! Woof!

LG Guy:'re not supposed to eat it. Try making calls with the other one.

JO: Well...okay.

JO: Hello?

KOK(over the phone): Jeff, the Kok signal is up. SOmething is wrong in Malasnyaville. The people need us.


LG Guy: Wait! Wait Jeff! Oooooow. Without his endorsements, we're doomed! DOOMED!

Meanwhile, back in Malasnyaville...

R1: Look! Up in the sky!

R2: It's a bird!

R3: Well, it IS a bird!

R2: A little one.

R1: Yeah. Very small. How could it...

R2: Oh my God it's a small bird! Panic! Panic! Race riot!

Kok: Never fear! The Kok is here!

JO: And Little Birdman!

R1: Oh, thank the Lims! Praise Anwar!

R2: Look, everyone! It's Little Birdman and The Kok!

JO: What seems to be the problem, citizens?

R1: There! Up in the sky!

Kok: Holy mother of Nurul Izzah! It's shaped like a giant -

JO: Kok! We must assemble the team!

Kok: Yes. Kage bunshin no jutsu! Stunt Kok!

Director: STUNT KOK!

Ass Director: STUNT KOK!

Production Manager: STUNT KOK!

Stunt Kok: Here I am, I came as fast as I can. Hihi.

R3: Whoa! There're two of them! THAT's how she does it.

Kok: Stunt Kok! Make some phone calls. Assemble the Justice...Party, and RocketMen and Moon Raiders and some Talibans. Let's...get...ridiculous.

To be continued, same Kok time, same Kok channel.