Saturday, March 22, 2008


Now that Barisan Nasional got their asses kicked and are now the underdogs, I support BN.

Why? Cause I’m chaotic neutral and shit. I support the losing team. Because I do not believe in good and evil. Just evil.

Because I think it is dangerous to put your trust in any political party, especially the (parliamentary) Opposition.

Because I can.

I’m a card-carrying UMNO member, yo! And I plan to use it. At participating stores.

Look, the Opposition are no angels swooping down on feathered wings to eradicate corruption and instill the laws of God and gaydom so that we can all go to heaven and meat virgins and shit.

Hell, no!

One of the people I respect most said to me, “The difference between you and me, the big difference, is that you don’t trust people.”

And I was like, “Hell, yeah!”

The last time I trusted people, he didn’t pay me back my RM11,700. Yeah, Milx aka Mahathir Buang. You still owe me RM11,700. When you gonna pay, ass?

The last time I put my faith in people, I got slammed with responsibilities which were not mine to begin with.

The last time I trusted a friend, he backstabbed me.

The last time I paid a 2+1+0.5 downpayment for a girl’s vagina, she rented her vagina to somebody else.

So don’t you fucking tell me to believe in people, man. Especially not DAP, PIS-M or PKR.

I believe in balance. I have faith in cynicism. I believe in not-believing. I hope for non-hope.

I am chaotic neutral.