Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The King of Kings

Your time is up, my time is now. You can't see me, my time is now!

In case you forgot or fell off, I'm still hot, knock your shell off!

Nowadays, when I hear people whine and bitch about their shit, I just sneer. I got nothing to complain about.

I'm living the life, yo!

I have an interesting job some people only dream of. On weekends, I work on my movie scripts - to be filmed by one of the country's top production companies. I am also working with some who's who of the industry to try and come up with something that can win the Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay AND Best Foreign Film.

Hell, why not Best Picture? I mean, Roberto Benigni, or was it Roberto Panini or Alberto Focacia or some shit who won with Livin' La Vida Loca or whatever shit. A sappy movie about having an ass-clown for a father who got killed by Nazis.

I managed to convince an international comics artiste to draw comics based on my script - a reverse of Moby Dick. Next year, I am going to the New York Comics Convention with him to try and get one or two pitches to DC.

It will not end here.

I am going to be a film director. I am going to learn editing, then camerawork, then I'm gonna be an assistant director and then, after five short movies or so, I'm gonna come up with my first feature film which will make loads of money and win all the awards. Before I'm 35.

So life's been all fucking rosy and shit.

I mean, despite Carrefour's lorry driver calling me in the middle of a busy day telling me that he did not want to send my new TV set to my new apartment because 'he wanted to go home early' - causing me to swear off Carrefour forever - and being accosted by a drunk Chinaman at the elevator lobby, despite me holding a machete in hand, just cause he lost money at the tumbling stock markets and shit, it's all been more or less good.

I found more places to eat, but have lost weight.

I got two interviews with the UN cause I was leaving the country, but I said no to the second interview cause my father got his third stroke. He's a tough fucker, cause he's still on his feet even after this third stroke. I don't expect him to appreciate what kind of shit I'm letting go just to stay in Malaysia and see him off or some shit.

I mean, statistically, he will die before I do. Of course, I could just be struck by lightning tomorrow. But I doubt it. Cause only the good die young, and I am an ancient spirit of evil.

So I'm sticking around. For a while.

As for the rest of the world, it's been the same old shit. ALL women still exchange vagina rent for money, power and control. Homosexuals still rule the world. Racist fuckers are STILL elected to office. Rocky is still being sued by Nasty Pee.

Ho-hum. Same shit, different day.

But I'm fucking great cause I am the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.

So all of you who try to stand in my way are going to get an assfull of smackdown.

I am the most perfect creation of God. And you gonna die, motherfucker.