Monday, June 1, 2009

Stand Alone Complex: Individual Eleven

I was 40 minutes early to a 10 o'clock meeting.

My stomach is behaving.

I also have a trip to Ikea scheduled today.

And arranged for the cleaners to come tomorrow to my Damansara Heights home.

Also have a meeting tomorrow which I will confirm today.

Plans, plans, plans, man.

Lots of plans.

My main concern, though, is my stomach. I need to regulate my food, and also the timing of my meals.

I already had breakfast. A light lunch is a must and at night, I will gorge on muesli cereals.


Ah. Just had a light lunch. Now on my way to Bangsar to deposit a cheque - someone else's.

And then, off to Ikea. Maybe I should get a haircut, mmm?