Monday, June 1, 2009

Domesticated Animal

AFter my 10am meeting, I went to deposit a cheqeue, confirmed another meeting for tomorrow and then made my way to Ikea.

I bought a queen-sized bed, a wardrobe and a laundry stand.

Then Cheepork got lost in Jalan Beringin.

I must say, for an EXCLUSIVE low-residential juburjuis area, Jalan Beringin sure is huge! I mean, how do we keep the riff-raff out? What the fuck, man? Where's the juburjuis in that?

I thought that moving here would take me far away from the dregs of society. Imagine my surprise when I saw loads of blue-collar workers walking, perhaps jogging around this high-priced area.

Why can't the police, or PTPTN, ISA these people?

Aw, man. I think I need to move again. Soon.