Friday, November 13, 2009

Nirvana Nevermind

I am at Nirwana Maju - my favourite banana leaf rice place - and was sitting down for lunch before my big assignment, when some tattooed angmohs and their Azian friend started pointing at me.

Or rather, pointing at my chicken.

For an instant, I was fucking pissed off.

You want my chicken, bitch? What, they don't have chicken where you come from? Motherfucking cracker ass cracker!

They were pointing and talking for almost a full minute. So much so, that I began to carefully inspect my chicken. Nothing wrong with it.

Then, they left, I finished my meal and went to wash my hands.

I looked in the mirror and perhaps found what they were probably talking about. You see, I let my hair grow, and when that happens, it gives me a headache and turns into this weird-looking afro.

Sure enough, I had a medium 'fro on my head, and a smaller 'fro coming out on top. The effect was that from afar, I probably looked like Buddha.

So there I was, with Buddha hair, sitting at a restaurant called Nirwana, eating a chicken.

I guess that is a tourist attraction, no?

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