Saturday, November 21, 2009

Buddha the Barbarian

I am thinking of doing a story called Buddha the Barbarian, but am afraid of offending any fundamentalist Buddhists.

It's about how a guy called Buddha, from Sumeria. A meteor made of the mystical element Star-Metal fell to his village. The evil wizard Rathamon wants that metal - as it is the only thing that can reveal his and his minions' true nature as V aliens - and turns Buddha's family into living stone.

Buddha crafts the Star-Metal into a sword and begins a quest to defeat Rathamon in order to lift the curse.

He recruits others who also have Star-Metal weapons, such as Sexy Chick Wearing a Corset, Aryan-Indian Wizard, Viking Dude and Sidekick Black Guy. Oh, and his horse, with Star-Metal horse-shoes.

Buddha also refines his Non-Violent Sword Technique as well as the One-Swing Non-Violent Kill. He duels with Sasaki Kojiro on an island, for no apparent reason, and writes a book called The Book of Five Rings.

You think this will offend Buddhists?