Tuesday, November 3, 2009


One of my bosses told me today that he almost went to Kuantan last weekend, cause he heard I was dead.

Which is kind of funny, cause I thought that Indi Nadarajah - one half of Comedy Court - was unwell. I saw one of his shows and thought, "Man, that guy is sick." I really thought he was dying.

That was followed by days of me thinking, "No! Not Indi! No!"

He and Allan - Comedy COurt - are one of my favourite local comic acts.

I interviewed him yesterday and he was fine and dandy. As lucid as ever. Anyway, it was nice to see Indi in a spirited interview.

So Indi as well as myself are very much alive. No need for drama there, man.

I believe that if I continue running my mouth, one day someone will indeed kill me. If that happens, consider that I have succeeded.

I don't know all the buttons to human emotions and whatever else, but I do understand some things - hate and anger.

Hate, paranoia and anger are things I can manipulate easily. That, and arrogance. I have pushed these buttons for so long in my life that it's not a challenge anymore.

I mean, consider the targets. My previous targets. People so involved with themselves, so obsessed with how people see them that they can so easily be pushed.

I don't want my days to be filled with that kind of shit. Pain and suffering. Competition. Oh, LAWD!

So I stopped. For a few days, I couldn't write for shit. And then other things came and that was that.

I didn't die. I'm still alive. For now.