Saturday, November 28, 2009

After Dark

I read with interest the Malaysian Opposition's fight to get the MACC to stop questioning after office hours.

I think this is bullshit because, personally, if I ever get questioned by MACC, I want it to be after office hours. I have too much to do and am too busy to attend during office hours.

People who want MACC to question them only during office hours actually do not want to work. They are lazy and want to get out of work by blaming the MACC.

I also would like to suggest that MACC move its base of operations to Mandarin Oriental or Cititel Hotel, so that after questioning, suspects and witnesses can find acomodation easily. And perhaps a spa.

They should also hand out coupons or vouchers for food, rooms and massage.

To this end, MACC should be put under the Tourism Ministry. Maybe all suspects and witnesses can also opt to go for a guided tour. Watch fireflies or go whitewater rafting or something.