Monday, November 9, 2009

Mabuk-Mabuk Kepayang: Naya Je Stolich Ni!

Having been a zoo exhibit of sorts at PJ, I went home and was immediately asked to go out.

And so I did.

Trendy people like me go to trendy, cool places like Sky Bar at Traders Hotel. It's trendy enough for me cause it was trendy years ago. Nowadays, it is usually half empty.

I usually like my haunts to be empty or half empty. I don't like packed places. Zouk is my bane. I don't like Zouk because it is too popular, and they have seats that look like they came off bikes.

Sky Bar has a lounge feel to it. And in the middle is a big-ass swimming pool. The whole area is surrounded by water and you get a view of KLCC.

Some drinks could cost you a bit.

I found myself explaining about Islam to a bunch of non-Muslims. Most non-Muslims see Islam as a backwards religion of hatred and violence.

Islam's PR (public relations...but Pakatan Rakyat too) people are really doing a shitty job and I just hate stupid things.

However, seeing as I do not have the qualifications to talk about Islam, I switched to talking about Buddhism. Now, with Buddhism, I have read Osamu Tezuka's comic book series - an epic re-telling of the life of Buddha. So, I guess I am qualified enough to talk about the comic book.

First of all, Buddha was a man - a prince of Kapilavastu. He had a wife and a son. He was questioning about how religion had divided people in his land into classes. He just didn't get it.

So he left his kingdom and lived the life of an ascetic for a while, looking for enlightenment. He later discovered that submitting himself to pain was a stupid thing to do.

His revelations came after discovering that everything is connected and that there is no need for struggle.

After encounters with deers at a deer park who demonstrated the very essence of non-resistance to the present moment, Buddha began to gain a hearty following. Among noted disciples were Tata - his first - a pariah who could commune with animals, Anandha the godson to a demon and Devadatta, the ruthless politician who tried to turn Buddha's teachings into a religion.

See, Buddha was not out to create another brand of God. He was not trying to create a religion. In Buddhism, you do not worship anything or anyone so you could score points and go to heaven. This was, of course, only according to the Buddha comics by Osamu Tezuka. I make no other reference. Not even Wikipedia.

Which is a surprise, as the Buddhists in South East Asia seem to worship Buddha. Or a version of Avalokitesvara - a goddess of mercy.

I found myself later at Lotus, which charges RM10 for tandoori chicken and RM4 for naan. And RM3.20 for drinks.

Oh well. Am not going there again.